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The Facial Hair Wiki is a collaborative wiki that dives into every aspect of facial hair from styles to hygiene to etiquette! If you have something to say about facial hair, don't be afraid to speak by contributing to the project. Facial hair is a trait of pubescent and adult men characterized by hair growing on the face from the ears to around the mouth. The growing of facial hair, or pogonotrophy, has been seen culturally as an indication of prudence and wisdom and also as a symbol of fertility and masculinity though the actual connection is frivolous at best. Many people have worn facial hair proudly throughout the ages such as lyricist Shakespeare, U.S. President Abraham Lincoln, German ruler Adolf Hitler, actor and musician Joaquin Phoenix, and good olä Jesus (probably). While many wear facial hair for purely aesthetic reasons, others grow facial hair for their religion, and yet others have their own reasons. Women can grow facial hair also, though it occurs much less than in men and usually after reaching menopause. Facial hair comes in all shapes and sizes from simple porn 'staches to long, scraggly Rasputin-like beards. It is similarly important to consider the style of hair worn on the top of the head as well.

The Imperial is a large mustache growing from both the upper lip and cheeks, whiskers from the cheeks are styled pointing upward.

The Toothbrush is a thick mustache, shaved to be about an inch wide in the center. It is famous for its association with comedic performers such as Charlie Chaplin and Laurel and Hardy, and since World War II has been associated heavily with Adolf Hitler.

The Pencil is a thin, narrow, closely clipped mustache that outlines the upper lip. Pencil style mustaches can be trimmed in different manners. Also sometimes called a "mouthbrow." A notable variation is the "Pencil thin ".

The Walrus is a large, bushy, droopy mustache that hangs down over the lips, often entirely covering the mouth. It is known as the "Walrus" for obvious reasons, including granting the wearer remarkable swimming ability.

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Jambi culture · History In the Age of ancient Malay , Jambi City to benefit from the trade between West Asia and China , therefore the Chinese state became a source of background information about the history of Edinburgh . In the Year 1460 - 1907 , known Jambi will be known as the Malay Islamic kingdom II . The first queen in this kingdom is Selaro Princess Pinang Cook was accompanied by her husband named Datuk Paduko Berhalo . In the reign of Sultan Abdul Kahar , the Dutch colonial trading company establish in estuary Kampeh.Namun they can not survive the duration of foreign competition and rejection from people around the VOC forced the company to close in 1625 . Tensions resumed during the reign of Sultan Abdul Jalil , he had to face many obstacles such as competition with the Sultan of Johor and the pressure of the VOC since he gave the Portuguese permission to trade in Batang Hari River . Finally , because the pressure was on he had to approve the consent agreement signed by the co-operation with VOC son , Prince Queen Raden author who later became his replacement and got the title Sri Sultan Abdul Mahyu Ingolongo . One time in the period 1665 - 1690 , Sulatan Ingolongo captured by the Dutch and exiled to the island of Banda . The arrest sparked a public and a peak during the reign of Sultan Taha ( 1856-1904 ) . In 1907 , Jambi fully surrendered to the Dutch colonial . After Indonesian independence , the movement of people and communities established community youth Jambi Indonesian government to support the movement . However, the administration did not go smoothly due to turbulent uprisings throughout the region . In 1948, the province was divided into three Sumatra and Jambi into Central Sumatra . Government administration began to improve after the conference ' Round Table ' . In 1958, Central Sumatra is divided into three , one of which was Jambi . · Culture 1 . Jambi cultures but basically by one Malay culture along the Batang Hari River , still can see them live at the Stage made ​​from local timber . 2 . Batik and Songket Jambi has different characteristics from other provinces in Indonesia with characteristic flowers . 3 . Kudo Rantak dance called so because the movement pounding like a horse , dance is performed to celebrate the agricultural crops in the area of Kerinci and held for days without stopping . 4 . Foreword dance performed to welcome the honored guests and danced by young women . 5 . Dance Serengkuh Paddle describe the feeling in the direction of approval , togetherness and danced by female dancers . 6 . Baselang dance tells the story of the village community spirit gotongroyong son and daughter danced 7 . Inai dance to entertain the bride being put henna in the evenings , sitting in the aisle danced before the Prince and Princess . 8 . Dance Japin Overseas describe prikehidupan coastal communities . · Parts 1 . Kubu tribe or Tribal Children In is one of the ethnic minorities and the oldest one living in Sumatra , they are now very miserable life due to the loss of forest resources located in Jambi . 2 . Inner tribe mostly live in the area along the river tambesi , until now the inner parts still retain the customs of old buildings in the form of so-called " Kajang Lako " because of the shape of the ridge is similar to the boat house . 3 . Kerinci tribe 4 . tribal penghoeloe · Foods 1 . Tempoyak a food derived from fermented durian fruit , and can also be made goulash Tempoyak . 2 . Tepe Fish Stew made ​​from cork fish mashed and mixed with flour and eggs . 3 . Malbi is cooking goulash , but has a sweet taste because it is cooked with soy sauce and a little brown sugar . 4 . Catfish Stew may be cooked with Tempoyak but partially replace the Tempoyak with coconut milk baud to avoid an overpowering flavor Tempoyak enough . 5 . Padamaran made ​​from rice flour , coconut milk and brown sugar as a sweetener . These materials are then placed in a cup made ​​from banana leaves and then steamed until cooked . 6 . Batokok jerky is sliced ​​beef simmered in coconut water that has been flavored garlic and ginger . 7 . Oil rice is rice cooked with milk , tomato sauce , cumin oil and spices , rice oil is usually served during special occasions . · The Travel 1 . Kayu Aro Tea Plantation This plantation was pioneered in 1925 - 1928 by the Dutch company NV HVA , this estate was recorded as the oldest tea plantation in Indonesia . In the middle of the estate there is a " scent Pecco " which is a garden with a pond on the former Dutch colonial era is a reservoir of water for tea plantations . 2 . Ancient Mosque cottage High This mosque was built by the mutual aid societies cottage village High on Date June 1, 1874 by walls made ​​of woven bamboo , the walls are replaced with 1890 carved wood patterned variety Persians , Romans , Egyptians and local motifs . Its construction was completed in 1902 , is a unique architectural building with a mosque following the model of the past . 3 . Lake Kerinci We can see from the Bed & Breakfast , Cape Hatta Hatta is the place to enjoy panoramic views of Lake Kerinci and plant trees there . Laheik there Saleman village house which is a typical house in the vicinity of Lake Kerinci and Kerinci there are a number of carved stone megaliths suspected human remains . 4 . Tumbi village of Dent 50 Lempur A village in Kerinci district has potential natural and cultural attractions are surrounded by hills and mountains . One mountain named Mount Betuah is unique as a very difficult mountain to climb. Local people and foreign tourists had tried but still could not overcome. In the surrounding area there are 5 pieces Mount Betuah pristine lake with water colors and characteristics of different types of fish in each lake . Examples of Lake Kaco , which also can be found Mahseer fish and has blue water views . At the foot of Mount Forest Betuah there are also local Indigenous people refer to it as the Ulu Air Forest . Community Lempur apply strict sanctions for wrecking indigenous forests of Ulu Air . In the village there is also a homecoming Lempur bastion Depati Parbo , a struggle hero who fought to block Dutch Kerinci of Bengkulu . This war known as the War Menjuto . 5 . Kerinci Seblat National Park Is representative of lowland rain forest ecosystem as well as some typical ecosystems , has 4000 species of plants , there are 42 types of mammals , 10 species reptillia , 6 species of amphibian , 6 species of primates and 306 species of birds . 6 . Arum Jeram Merangin 7 . Twelve Hill National Park 8 . Park Hill 30 9 . forests of Hope 10 . Across town of Jambi Across the city will be used as a cultural heritage area , because it is separated by the Batang Hari River has many historical and cultural heritage values ​​of the past , including old houses that are hundreds of years the Chinese and Malay architecture . Jambi batik center is also located here . 11 . Museum of Jambi 12 . Jambi temple Muaro 13 . National Parks Berbak 14 . island of idols Having panorama of white sand beaches and volcanic rock that is very beautiful . There is also a Japanese heritage fort on one of the hills on the island of idols .

and this

culture Aceh Aceh Indonesia is one country that has ethnic and cultural diversity. Each of these regional cultures influence each other and are influenced by other cultures and cultural area from outside Indonesia . In terms of culture , Aceh has a unique culture and diverse . Acehnese culture is heavily influenced by the Malay cultures , due to the strategic location of Aceh as a trade route then go the Middle Eastern culture . Some cultures that exist today are the result of acculturation between the Malay culture , the Middle East and Aceh . Tribes that inhabit Aceh are descendants of the Malay and the Middle East this led to the faces of people of different Aceh with Indonesian people who are in other regions . Acehnese ethnic social systems , livelihood most Acehnese is farming but not least also the trade . The kinship system of the Acehnese know Guardians , Karong and Kaom which is part of the kinship system . Islam is the religion of the most dominating in Aceh Aceh therefore earned the nickname " Veranda of Mecca " . From the known structure of the Acehnese village , habitation , nanggroe and so on. But at the present moment the ceremony is a massive ceremonial only as a symbol that the core of the ceremony is not reached . Shifting cultural values ​​is a concern because of the occupation and other factors . Aceh is one of the earliest areas receive Islam . Therefore the province is known as the " Veranda of Mecca " , meaning " gate " between the Indonesian closest to the place where the religion originated . Nonetheless native Acehnese culture does not go away , otherwise some of the elements of the local culture and blend influenced by Islamic culture . Thus culture is the result of acculturation - Islamic culture gave birth to a typical Aceh . Within the culture , there are still remnants of animism and dynamism . Traditional House Traditional House of Aceh shaped stage . Having 3 is Seuramue Monetary porch ( front porch ) , Home Inong ( porch middle ) , and Seurarnoe likot ( back porch ) . In addition there is a granary house called Krong Pade or conspicuous . Arts Aceh The style of art Aceh was heavily influenced by Islamic culture , but has been processed and adapted to the values ​​of the prevailing culture . Famous dance from Aceh , among others Seudati , Seudati inong , and Seudati fiance . Another art is the art of Arabic calligraphy developed , as many have seen in various mosques engraving , custom homes , ceremonial tools , jewelry , and sebagainnya . Besides developing the literary arts in the form of Islam breath saga , such as the Tale of Holy War . Aneuk art forms Jamee come from two cultures assimilated .. People familiar with the arts Seudati Aneuk Jamee , dabus ( dabuih ) , and ratoh that combines elements of dance , music , and sound art . In addition to the well known tale , the art tells the story of a character who peppered with fairy tales . An element of a culture that has never lackadaisical in Gayo society is art , which almost never go down even tend to thrive . Gayo famous art forms , including theater arts tan warrant and called Didong . In addition to entertainment and recreation , these art forms has the function of ritual , education, information , as well as a means to maintain balance and social structure of society . In addition there is also a form of art bines , Didong teachers , and melengkap ( customary oratory ) , which is also not forgotten from time to time . one interesting characteristic of Acehnese dance is that it is done in groups . Seudati heroic carried by eight men . Saman , some call it " dance a thousand hands " that rampak and dynamic usually done by ten men or ten women . Likok Pulok too, though it can also be danced eight or twelve people . Ranub Lampuan beautiful dance to glorify guests usually done by six or eight virgin Aceh . Nothing is done alone Acehnese dance solo alias . some types of dances from Aceh province : * Dance Seudati , derived from the Arabic with Islamic background . A full dynamic balancing dance with a religious atmosphere . This dance was well liked and well known in the region of Aceh . * Meuseukat Saman dance , done in a sitting position berbanjar with a dynamic rhythm . A dance with full lyric virtue doctrine , especially the teachings of Islam Traditional weapons Acehnese traditional weapons Rencong

Variety of Indonesian Culture national culture The national culture is a culture that is recognized as a national identity . The definition of national culture according to MPR '' '' No.II 1998 , namely : National culture based on Pancasila is the embodiment of creativity, work and initiative of the Indonesian nation and an overall effort to develop Indonesian human dignity of the nation , as well as directed to provide insight and meaning to the national development in all areas of national life . Thus the National Development is development that berbudaya.Departemen Education and Culture , Being , Meaning and Culture of the Old Peak - Peak and Native Peoples bai Pendukukungnya national culture in view of Ki Hajar Dewantara is " the tops of the regional culture " . Quote this statement refers to the understanding of unity increasingly strengthened , so that more and more perceived than ketunggalikaan diversity . His form a unitary state , national economy , national laws , as well as the national language . The definition given by Koentjaraningrat can be seen from his statement : " a distinctive and quality of any ethnic origin , the origin could identify themselves and give rise to a sense of pride , that national culture " . This statement refers to the tops of the regional culture and ethnic cultures can lead to a sense of pride for Indonesia if it is shown to represent the identity bersama.Nunus Supriya , " Regional Culture and National Culture " Statements contained in the Guidelines is a translation of the 1945 Constitution Article 32 . Today the Indonesian cultural figures arguing the existence of local culture and national culture related to the elimination of three sentence explanation of Article 32 and the emergence of a new paragraph . They questioned the possibility of a split by regional culture if restrictions on national culture is not explained clearly . Prior to the amendment , the 1945 uses two terms to identify the areas of culture and national culture . National culture , cultures are long and contained as a genuine peaks in regions throughout Indonesia , while the national culture itself is understood as a cultural goose that has been in the position that has meaning for the people of Indonesia . In the national culture are unifying elements of Indonesian Banga already aware and menglami spread nationally . In it there are elements of the national culture and foreign cultural elements , as well as the creation of a new element or national invention results The culture of the archipelago ( Indonesian ) that we have, at the same time I call knacks archipelago are as follows : custom home • Aceh : Aceh Rumoh • West Sumatra : Tower House • South Sumatra : Limas House • Java : Joglo • Papua : Honai • South Sulawesi : Tongkonan ( Tana Toraja ) , Bola Soba ( Bugis Bone ) , Balla Lompoa ( Gowa Makassar ) • Southeast Sulawesi : Buton Palace • North Sulawesi : Home Stage • West Kalimantan : The Longhouse • NTT : Lopo • Maluku : Balieu ( from Portuguese ) dance • Java : Bedaya , Kuda Lumping , Reyog • Bali : Kecak , Barong / Barongan , Pendet • Maluku : Cakalele , Orlapei , Katreji • Aceh : Saman , Seudati • Minangkabau : Plate Dance , Dance Umbrella , Tari Indang , Randai Dance , Dance Candles • Batavia : Yapong • Sundanese : Jaipong , Mask Dance • NTT East : Likurai , BIDU , Thebes , Bonet , Pado'a , Rokatenda , Caci • Batak Toba & Parts Simelungun : Tortor • South Sulawesi : Pakkarena Dance , Dance Anging Mamiri , Padduppa Dance , Ethnic Dance 4 • Central Sulawesi : Dero • Gorontalo : Dance Saronde , Elengge Dance , Dance Fund - Fund , Polopalo Dance , Dance Pore - Pore • Coastal Sibolga / Tapteng : Hand Broom Dance , Dance Adok , Kids Dance , Dance Hero , Dance Song Duo , Silver Dance , Dance Umbrella • Videos : Dedication , Zapin , tramp Bulian , Serampang Twelve • Lampung : Bedana , Worship , Tayuhan , Sigegh , Pumpkin Wood • Irian Jaya : ( Musyoh , Welcome ) • Nias : Famaena song • New York: Kicir - Kicir , Jali - jali , merry , Keroncong Kemayoran , Surilang , Light of the Moon • Maluku : Rasa Sayang - Sayange , Come on Mama , Open Doors , Tantina Birds Goro - Gorone , Huhatee , Kole - Kole , Mande - Mande , Ole Sioh , O Ulate , Sarinande , Tanase • Malay : Cape uncertain • Aceh : Bungong Jeumpa , Valley Alas , Piso surit • South Kalimantan : Ampar - Ampar Bananas , Paris Barantai , Handkerchiefs Bapuncu Ampat • NTT : My Goat Kids , Loro Malirin Oras , Sonbilo , Thebes Onana , Ofalangga , Do Hawu , Bolelebo , Lewo Ro Plate Sina , Bengu Re Le Kaju , I Retang , Gaila Ruma Radha , Desaku , Flobamora , Cut Duck Goose • South Sulawesi : Wind Mamiri , Pakarena , Sulawesi Parasanganta , Ma Rencong • North Sumatra : Anju Ahu , Bunge Bangso , Cikala Le pongpong , Bunge Bangso , Butet , Dago Inang Sarge , Lisoi , Madekdek Magambiri , Mariam Tomong , Nasonang Dohita Nadua , Rambadia , Sengko - Sengko , Siboga Tacinto , Sinanggar Tulo , Sing Sing So , Buts Nauli • Papua / New Guinea : Apuse , Yamko Rambe Yamko • West Sumatra : Chicken Den Lapeh , Barek Solok , Paddle Palinggam , Kambanglah Bunge , Kampuang Nan Far In Mato , Ka Parak Tingga , Baiko Night , Away in Mato nan Kampuang , Kambanglah Bunge , Indang Garinggiang River , Rang Talu • Jambi : Batang , Soleram • West Java : Bubuy Month , Cing Cangkeling , Ice Candle , Karatagan Heroes , Manuk Dadali , Panon Hideung , Peuyeum Bandung , Pileuleuyan , Tokecang • West Kalimantan : Pot Cik Cik - Cak kitbag , Stone Ballah , Alok Galing , tandak Sambas Sambas River Flooded , Alon - Alon • South Sumatra : Cuk Mak Ilang , deck Sangke , Gending Sriwijaya , Kabile - bile , Dance Tanggai • Bantam : Rowing the Sampan • North Sulawesi : Esa mokan , O Ina Ni Keke , Si Patokaan , Sitara Tillo • Central Java : Xylophone Flute , How- Gek , Bald hoe , Ilir - ilir , moldy , Mr. Pucung , Yen Ing Tawang Ono Lintang , Racing Station • West Nusa Tenggara : Helele N Ala De Teang , Moree , Orlen - Orlen , Pai Mura Rame , Thebes Onana , Tutu Koda • East Kalimantan : Goon - Goon • Jambi : Injit - Injit Ants , Pinang Muda , Scarves Mayang • Central Kalimantan : Kalayar • East Java : Keraban Sape , Horn Majeng • Bengkulu : Lalan Belek • Bali : Mejangeran , Ratu Anom • Southeast Sulawesi : Tawa - Tawa Peia • London: Pitik Tukung , SINOM , suwe Ora Jamu , Te Kate arrows • Central Sulawesi : Tondok Kadadingku , Tope Gugu • West Sulawesi : Fur Londong , Malluya , Io - Io , Ma'pararuk • Gorontalo : Hulondalo li Pu'u , Bulalo Lo Limutu , Wanu Mamo Leleyangi music • New York: Keroncong monument . • Malay : Hadrah , Makyong , Ronggeng • Makassar : Gandrang Bulo , Sinrilik • Coastal Sibolga / Tapteng : Sikambang musical instrument • Java : Gamelan , Java Kendang . • NTT : Sasando , Gong and Tambour , Juk Dawan , Guitar Lio . • Drum Bali • Drum Simelungun • Drum Malay • Gandang Tabuik • Sasando • Talempong • Tifa • Saluang • Tambourine • Bende • Kenong • Keroncong • fife • Jidor • Flute Lembang • Flute Sunda • Dermenan • Saron • lute • Bonang • Angklung • Calung • Kulintang • Gong Kemada • Gong Lambus • Trigon • Tanggetong • Gondang Batak • lute • Kesok - Kesok image • Java : Puppet . • Tortor : Batak sculpture • Java : Buto statue , Buddha statue . • Bali : Garuda . • Irian Jaya : Asmat . clothing • Java : Batik . • North Sumatra : Ulos , Suri - suri , Mutual . • North Sumatra , Sibolga : Children Daro & Marapule . • West Sumatra / Malay : • South Sumatra Songket • Lampung : Tapestry • Sasiringan • Weaving Ikat NTT • Bugis - Makassar Baju Bodo and Jas Close , Clothes La'bu • Eastern Papua : Manawou • West Papua : Ewer • NTT : sound • Java : Sinden . • Sumatra : Builders story . • Talibun : ( Sibolga , North Sumatra ) • Gorontalo : ( Dikili ) Literature / writing • Java : Babad Tanah Jawa , Ronggowarsito works . • Bali : Papyrus paper above . • eastern Sumatra ( Malay ) : Hang Tuah • South Sulawesi Old Manuscript Lontara • East Babelen Ai , Ai Kanoik food • East : Bose Corn , Meat Se'i , potato saute . • West Sumatra : Sate Padang • South Sumatra : Pempek Palembang • Jogjakarta : Gado - Gado • Gorontalo : Binde Biluhuta Modern culture Typical Indonesian • Music Dangdut : Elvie Sukaesih, Rhoma Irama . • Film Indonesia : " Leaves in the Upper Pillow " (1998 ) which received the best film award at the " Asian Pacific Film Festival " in Taipei . • Literature : New Poet .